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"Teaching is the greatest act of optimism"

-Colleen Wilcox

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Through my time coaching students, I have discovered more about acting and singing than I did during my professional training.

Photo: Stella (student)

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straight from the source

Maddie has been working with my daughter since 2019 and the growth and experience have been amazing, for my daughter and for the whole family. Riley ALWAYS looks forward to her sessions with Maddie, they are able to focus and work hard even in the virtual environment, and Riley has made great progress. Maddie is fantastic bout making the lessons relevant to whatever Riley is working on at the time, and we've been thrilled. Maddie is the best!

Sarah Sanger (parent)

Over the year that I have spent with Ms. Madelyn, I have learned so much. In the beginning I was always scared to speak up, especially at auditions. But now, I am confident and barely stutter like I used to before. I also got to learn impersonations which helped me realize I can take a step further in my acting skills. Overall, I grew so much over the time I got with Ms. Madelyn.

Stella Koo (student)

It is rare to find a teacher who so genuinely loves and understands working with young children. So often, voice teachers are serious and intense, but Madelyn has this wonderful playfulness that has caused us to stick with her. Kate could go into her voice lesson in a bad mood, then Madelyn would have her do something silly to shake it off, and by the end my daughter couldn't stop smiling. We are so grateful not only for Madelyn's technical abilities, but more her wonderful personality and energy.

Jennifer Maggenti (parent)

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